About Essegem

Essegem is one of Brussels’ 22 community centres which make up Cultuurcentrum Brussel, an initiative of the Flemish Community Commission. Essegem organises various activities – social, cultural or artistic in nature. Essegem’s work is based on four pillars:


Essegem aims to be a cheerful, colourful and warm centre where children and their parents enjoy stopping by. Essegem therefore adapts its activities for families wherever possible. Come along and try our ‘Wakey-wakey’ package: one Sunday morning a month, parents enjoy a buffet breakfast while their children romp around on stage. Then they watch a play together. The kids can also try out Essegem’s various creative and sport workshops on Wednesday afternoons or during the school holidays.


Every day Essegem welcomes countless language students. There are morning, daytime and evening Dutch classes, at a range of paces and at every level. Essegem has put a lot of effort into this target group and aims a range of activities at them. The Dutch Language House is in-house every Thursday and you can also chat away in Dutch at the Monday afternoon conversation tables.


Essegem gives a home to associations and acts as reception and information point, where you can take advantage of a wide range of information and support. In our newspaper ‘The Jette Gazette’, you can read more about the ins and outs of the neighbourhood, with seven issues every year. A diverse editorial team of Jette locals provides the content.


Essegem wants to bring Jette residents together around strong, valuable initiatives, whether organized with local partners or otherwise. Since 2011 Taverne Ter Linden has been serving delicious food and drinks, thanks to a collaboration with the association Eat vzw. Essegem also works alongside many partners in projects and activities within the Jette neighbourhood. Every school year we put together a varied cultural programme for Jette’s schools.